Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Helen Levitt Video

Helen Levitt is my favorite photographer
and is a big inspiration for my own work.

Late Night Parking Garage Sunset

Interesting Clouds

Super Sport Front End

Super Sport


Trans Am Light Show

Close up of Goose

Lake Tahoe Sunset

Close up of Aviators

Interesting Nut on a Branch


Lights That Look Like Musical Notes

Fire Hydrant

Volkswagen & R32 Badges

Dead Moth Photo Shoot

Mike Silhouette

Beat Up Shoes and a Beat up Floor

Floor of VW Bus

VW Bus Speedometer

Reflection in a VW Bus Headlight

Wild Fox

Close up of Some Piano Keys

Piano Mallets

Inside a Piano

Scribbles on a Door

Squatting under the stairs

A Royal Pyngwyn Actor

Standing by the "Graffiti door"

A Splash of Graffiti

Attempting to cross a busy street in NYC

Pondering a thought in an empty stairwell